A Story of Love and Fate

Cactus will give you proof of the power of love and respect. I wrote this book to share a real life story of a couple in an interfaith marriage. This is a story of a Muslim and a Christian displaying love and compassion for one another and remaining married and in love until death did them a part.

Cactus is my story. I share my family’s real life experience with struggle and tragedy. I tell our tale of time and fate and injustice wrapped into a special love story with elements of triumph and overcoming incredible hardships.

I want to share with you a story of remarkable life experiences and heartfelt depths of expressed emotions. The story speaks of meeting my wife and falling in love while living in a country where marriages are arranged by parents and elder relatives for socioeconomic purposes.

Through Cactus, you’ll find a story about my family’s life from different culture, religion and era; how women were raised, what the social and religious structure of the time was, and how that influenced our family’s life path, including the circumstances surrounding my own birth. What follows is my submersion into a new world as a refugee and immigrant. It transmutes into an ode to my wife and partner.


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