About the Author

I am a Canadian author of a self-published memoir, Cactus. It is a real family story and a memoir of love, fate, loss and grief, and above all else, resilience and hope.

The main aspects of my life story are:

• I am a four-time immigrant, three times by forceful wars and the last time, luckily, by my own choice.
• I lived and experienced four wars in my lifetime.
• I am one of the lucky ones who is a cancer survivor.
• I was born and raised in a culture that favours males and is only male in a  family where I had five sisters, five female cousins and, when I married, I was blessed with three daughters.
• I was expected to marry my first cousin, but fate steered me 180 degrees to meeting and marrying my beautiful wife—my angel bird.

Cactus closes the crumbling doors of the past and hopefully opens new and transparent doors into the future. During the course of the book’s creation, my life changed with the unexpected illness of my wife. Unfortunately, life unfairly took my greatest love, my angel bird, away from me, and now I ponder the nature of that loss and why our creator, God, has given and then taken this light away from me?

This turned the story into something deeper, something more about the nature of love and faith.

My wife and I were both devout lovers of God. Together, we are a symbol of all that can be positive in the world. Ardent believers in God are just that, no matter what faith. Not everyone saw it that way, but we did.

Cactus will give you proof of the power of love and respect. This is a story of partners in an interfaith marriage displaying love and compassion for one another, and remaining together and in love until death did them a part.

I hope my story helps you in your life journey of living and learning.

Thank you,

Frank Moses