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  1. Calling for PEACE and Immediate Ceasefire in GAZA: Here is the TRUTH;

    On Nov. 3, 2023, we lost 16 members of our uncle Fathy’s family in GAZA, Israel did bomb their building while they’re sleeping.
    Uncle Fathy children:
    My cousin Youssef is OK, his oldest son Fathy was killed: total 1
    My cousin Mohammed, his wife and all of his 4 children were killed: total 6
    My cousin Anis, his wife and all of his 6 children (Doctors, Lawyer and Engineer) were killed: total 8
    My youngest cousin Dua’a: a Law graduate was killed: total 1
    My cousin Imad: is OK.

    Here there are the 16 members. May God bless their Souls, Amen

  2. Is’t clear that U.S.A. does not care about the young Jewish men and women and sacrificing them just to protect its interest in the Middle East Region!
    Refer to Danielle George / March 29, 2015 / The Runner: What Alexander Haig, a then-former U.S. Army general, and U.S. secretary of state under president Richard Nixon once said that, Quote: “Israel is the largest American aircraft carrier in the world that cannot be sunk, does not carry even one American soldier, and is located in a critical region for American national security.” end of Quote.

    The U.S.A. Naked Self-Interest?
    Why would the U.S. need to invent an Israel? President Biden has always seen Israel as an investment for U.S. A.
    Note President Biden statements in regarding the use of the Israeli People ONLY to protect American interests:

    Does U.S.A. really care about the so called “The State of Israel” or “The State of Palestine” for that matter?
    The answer is: Obviously NO!

  3. The Leaders of the Arab League MUST unit and work quickly and closely with China, Russia and other influential Countries to force U.S.A and Israel and implement Immediate Ceasefire and start the Diplomatic solutions. Also, The Leaders of the Arab League MUST call for:
    1- Recognize the State of Palestine “consist of the West Bank, Gaza, and a capital in East Jerusalem” as a full membership in the United Nations.
    2- Support a resolution of the U.N. Security Council “laying out the parameters for resolving the conflict and reaffirm the illegality of all Israeli settlements beyond the 1967 borders.

    In this insightful interview, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter delves into the complex Palestine-Israel conflict, offering a Pro-Palestine perspective. He highlights the realities of the ongoing war and discusses the implications of Israel’s actions, which many view as breaking international law.
    The American public should gain a deeper understanding of the situation:

  4. The Intercept: Alice Speri / October 19 2023:

    Human rights lawyers warned Biden that his unconditional support for the war on Gaza may implicate the U.S. in Israel’s crimes.
    Israel’s mass bombings and denial of food, water, and electricity are calculated to destroy the Palestinian population in Gaza,” Katherine Gallagher, senior attorney with CCR and a legal representative for victims in the pending ICC investigation in Palestine, told The Intercept. “U.S. officials can be held responsible for their failure to prevent Israel’s unfolding genocide, as well as for their complicity, by encouraging it and materially supporting it.”

  5. An American nurse who returned to the US last week after working in Gaza informed CNN on Monday that some of her colleagues opted to stay in the region despite being aware of the potential risks to their lives. Emily Callahan, a nurse activity manager for Doctors Without Borders, had been in Gaza since August and was evacuated on Wednesday.

    Watch her interview at CNN: “50,000 People Living In Camps With 4 Toilets”:

  6. In 1948 U.S.A. and Great Britain created Israel home by occupying part of the State of Palestine’s land to protect their Colonialism interest in the region.

    Today, U.S.A. practically owns:
    – Egypt by Camp David Agreement, secrete intelligence cooperation and large annual financial assistance
    – Jordan by providing large annual financial assistance and secrete intelligence cooperation
    – Qatar by providing security promises and allowing U.S. Military Bases.
    – U.A.E. by providing security promises
    – Bahrain by providing security promises
    – Sudan by providing security, military and economic support
    – Morocco by providing political support to internal territorial disputes with neighboring Country.
    In addition to all the military bases in Saudi Arabia.

    The question presents itself to the American people:
    Is it OK for the American Taxpayer to provide Israel with annual 3.8 billion while all American interests in the region are tightly secured?
    What do you think?

  7. The Jewish National Home Idea Experiment

    The Land Size of the historical recognized State of Palestine is 28,090 Sq. Km.
    Currently and illegally, Israel is occupying 22,070 Sq. Km. and Palestinians are living on open air prison of 6,020 Sq. Km.

    The European Terrorist Zionists who ran hard from Germany Nazi brought Terrorism to the Middle East and in 1948 forcefully established the State of Israel on the Principal of Nazi Terrorism.

    The History books recorded:
    1. Operation Agatha: On July 1, 1946, the British conducted Operation Agatha and arrested seven Zionist leader of the notorious terrorist organization who were planning hostel activities against the British mandatory government in the State of Palestine.

    2. King David Hotel bombing – Jerusalem: On July 22, 1946, the southern wing of King David Hotel was bombed by the Irgun and Lehi terrorists commanded by Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir Ninety-one people were killed, and the blast threw the British Postmaster General from
    the hotel across the street.

    3. Deir Yassin massacre near Jerusalem: On April 9, 1948, the Irgun’s most controversial and notable assault on the Arab village of Deir Yassin massacre near Jerusalem. The Zionist paramilitary groups Irgun and Lehi “Stern Gang” commanded by Menachem Begin killed 107 Palestinian civilian villagers, including women, children, elders and men during house-to-house vicious and savagery attack. In addition to the killing and widespread looting, they committed unconscionable mutilation to pregnant women and rape. Some of the Palestinian Arab villagers were massacred by the Jewish militias while trying to surrender. Several Palestinian prisoners were executed, some after being paraded in West Jerusalem, where they were jeered, spat at, stoned, looted, and eventually murdered.

    4. All of the Zionist Leaders came from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, USA, Canada and Serbia.

    Decent and ordinary Jewish people throughout the world do not support the European Terrorist Zionists leaders in Israel “The State of Palestine” and are truly questioning that how you take what was done in the horrific Holocaust knowing it was done to you and do the same to someone else as being done to the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank. Israel is committing a devastating human destruction, slaughter and massacre on a mass scale, it is considered “THE THREAT OF IMMINENT ARAB HOLOCAUST”.

    Referendum for a True Support to the State of Israel:
    1- Why does Germany not save face and restitute dignity to the Jewish people by establishing the permeant and peaceful State of Israel on one of their Sixteen States and share their wealth that they owe to the Jewish people? Are the German people willing to be companionate with the Jewish people and sacrifice giving away their entire State to the Jewish people to establish their permeant and peaceful State of Israel among friends instead being surrounded by 6 Arab States. The German people have to give away their land, properties, homes, positions, leave their homes, businesses, schools, universities, clubs, community centers, Churches, malls and shops and move out and be relocated throughout the other German States with a lucrative compensation? Is it possible!

    2- Also, why USA not willing to save USD$3.8 billion annually and establish the permeant and peaceful State of Israel on one of their States, say New Jersey, among friends instead being surrounded by 6 Arab States? Same sacrifices as above. Same sacrifices and lucrative compensation as above. Is it possible!

    3- Finally, why not one country, say Poland, of the European Union establishes the permeant and peaceful State of Israel on one of their States/Provinces among friends instead being surrounded by 6 Arab States? Same sacrifices and lucrative compensation as above. Is it possible!

    Why the Palestinian people must do it!

  8. Canada, U.S.A. and Europeans are focused on the unconditional release of the Israeli prisoners. I agree, but we must be fair too to the Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. The West and Europe need to educate themselves on Justine and Equality for All.

    Associated Press: BY JULIA FRANKEL / August 1, 2023

    JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel is holding over 1,200 detainees — nearly all of them Palestinians — without charge or trial, the highest number in over three decades, an Israeli human rights group said Tuesday.

    The detainees, 99% of whom are Palestinians, are held under Israel’s policy of “administrative detention,” without trial and under allegations that Israeli authorities keep secret.

    The detentions can range from a few months to years — and authorities often extend them for unknown reasons, according to Jessica Montell, the executive director of Hamoked, the rights group that published the figures.

    FILE – Israeli police detain a Palestinian in the Al-Aqsa Mosque compound following a raid of the site in the Old City of Jerusalem during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, Wednesday, April 5, 2023. Israel is holding 1,201 detainees — nearly all of them Palestinians —without charge or trial, the highest number in over three decades, an Israeli human rights group said Tuesday, Aug. 1, 2023. (AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean, File)×3742+0+1/resize/980×653!/format/webp/quality/90/?

  9. US travelers describe chaotic scenes inside Israel’s ‘completely mobbed’ Ben Gurion airport amid war with Gaza

    One could wonder why Israeli citizens put their lives in a suite case and ran to Ben Gurion airport rushing to leave the most secure and powerful country Israel during danger time? Is it because they actually kept and still live in their own homes in New Jersey, San Francisco, New York, Amsterdam, Belgium, Austria, Ukraine, Lithuania, Russia, etc. and they came to Israel only for economic reasons?

    Israel and their agencies abroad are offering every new immigrant a few thousand dollars in cash upon arrival, contingent upon their remaining in the country for over 3 years, years of financial assistance, including a waiver of tuition on a first degree, rental assistance and tax exemptions on bringing in products from abroad, all is paid for by citizens’ tax money. Reminding you that many of these new immigrants are already in a much better socioeconomic position than Israelis born and raised in Israel who can barely pay their own rent.

    According to The Jewish Agency, a non-governmental organization that facilitates Jewish immigration to Israel, new immigrants are entitled to a range of benefits when they make Aliyah, the Hebrew term for Jewish immigration to Israel. Some of these benefits include:

    1- Sal klita payments: These are monthly payments that help new immigrants cover their initial living expenses. The amount and duration of these payments depend on the age, family status, and country of origin of the immigrant. For example, a single adult from Canada can receive up to 17,334 NIS (about 5,400 CAD) over seven months.
    2- Rental assistance: This is a one-time grant that helps new immigrants pay for their housing costs. The amount of this grant varies depending on the location and size of the household. For example, a family of four living in Jerusalem can receive up to 9,000 NIS (about 2,800 CAD).
    3- Tax benefits: New immigrants enjoy a 10-year tax exemption on all foreign source income and capital gains, even if the foreign assets were acquired after moving to Israel 2. This means that new immigrants can keep more of their earnings from abroad without paying taxes to the Israeli government.
    4- Education benefits: New immigrants can receive free Hebrew language courses (ulpan), tuition subsidies for higher education, and scholarships for academic studies.
    And much more like carrying weapon and training them on how to abuse the local Arabs to force them out of their land and rightful properties.

    Now back to our important question: why Israeli are rushing to fly out of Israel at danger time? The answer is very clear. It is not their land or home and they are only moved to Israel only for financial gains and three year vacation.
    INSIDER / Talia Lakritz / Oct 10, 2023 – People wait in the departing section at Ben Gurion airport after many flights from abroad are canceled due to the attacks launched by Hamas in Tel Aviv, Israel, on October 8, 2023. Turgut Alp Boyraz/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

  10. Jews’ reverse immigration from Israel is on the rise

    As Israeli problems escalate and are expected to have internal and external repercussions, more and more Israelis have been lining up in front of European embassies in Tel Aviv to apply for European passports.

    Up until recently, immigration from Israel was considered an act that amounted to treason, but this has changed now, and the result is that obtaining a second passport at this stage is considered by most Israelis a kind of insurance for the coming days.

    Portuguese Immigration Service announced that 21,000 Israelis have applied for its citizenship since the beginning of the year, ranking first among other nationalities. Immigration offices have become a destination address for thousands of Israelis, and there has been a 10 per cent increase in the number of new inquiries regarding Portuguese, German and Polish nationalities since the formation of the current government.

    In conjunction with the new phenomenon of Israelis obtaining foreign passports, a Jewish movement called “Leaving the Country – Together” seeks to recruit 10,000 Israelis to leave Israel, against the backdrop of the legal coup. Yaniv Gorlik, one of the activists in the demonstrations against Netanyahu and, with him, an activist from the Zionist Congress, Mordechai Kahane, an Israeli-American businessman, decided to help the Israelis leave for America. The movement believes that the time has come to provide an alternative to the Zionist movement in case the situation in Israel continues to deteriorate, because the results of the recent elections and the current government’s actions may destroy Israel.

    MEM / by Dr Adnan Abu Amer / October 6, 2023

  11. Double Standards

    U.S.A. must hold Israel Zionist Leadership responsible for the illegally misuse of the American military equipment and munition. Using 2000 lbs. on civilian citizens in Gaza must not be allowed and must be called as it is .. A War Crime.

    BRUSSELS, Nov 8 (Reuters) – Belgium’s deputy prime minister called on the Belgian government on Wednesday to adopt sanctions against Israel and investigate the bombings of hospitals and refugee camps in Gaza.

    “It is time for sanctions against Israel. The rain of bombs is inhumane,” deputy prime minister Petra De Sutter told Nieuwsblad newspaper. “It is clear that Israel does not care about the international demands for a ceasefire,” she said.

    Today, Belgium announced 5 million Euro’s for taking Israel to ​The International Criminal Court (ICC) investigates Israel committed the gravest crimes of concern to the international community: genocide, war crimes, crimes against humanity and the crime of aggression in Gaza and against the civilians.


    1- Benjamin Benzion Mileikowsky of Poland – Changed his name to: Benjamin Netanyahu

    2- David Grün of Poland – Changed his name to: David Ben-Gurion

    3- Levi Shkolnik of Ukraine – Changed his name to: Levi Eshkol

    4- Yigal Peikowitz of Belarus – changed his name to: Yigal Allon

    5- Née Mabovitch of Ukraine – Changed her name to: Golda Meir

    6- Yitzhak Yezernitsky of Poland – Changed his name to: Yitzhak Shamir

    7- Szymon Perski of Belarus – Changed his name to: Shimon Peres

    8- Ehud Brog of Lithuania – Changed his name to: Ehud Barak

    I AM!

    2 November 1917 United Kingdom’s Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour wrote a letter to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland), favoring the establishment of a national home (Not State) for the Jewish people in the State of Palestine, if and when Britain capture it from the Ottoman Empire. In 1922 the League of Nations gave Britain mandatory power over the State of Palestine.
    Unfortunately to UK, USA and Israel, the Palestinian Citizens kept the KEYS and DEEDS of theirs, their fathers’ and their Grandfathers’ homes and lands.

    Does Benjamin Benzion Mileikowsky “Benjamin Netanyahu” Have The Key And Deed Of His Grandfather’s House in Warsaw, Congress Poland, Russian Empire?

    I Do Have My Grandfather’s House Key and Deed In The City Of Jaffa In The State Of Palestine!

  14. URGENT:
    The Free World is Obligated to Voice Its Objections on Israeli Oppression on the Palestinian Ground.
    Act Now!

  15. Israel Bribes and Intimidation is Exposed.
    U.S.A., Britain, Canada, France and Germany are Complicit in Gaza War Crimes.

    We must face reality and raise our voices for humanity and peace

  16. Facts & Truth:
    Water is Wet, Sky is Blue!
    Zionism is Racism , Israel is Apartheid State!

    World Intentionality Blind, Until When?

    We must wakeup and say enough is enough …. Free Palestine.

  17. Is Mr. Security “Benjamin Mileikowsky happy with Israel reverse immigration once people knew truth and reality of occupation & illegal settlements?

  18. All Leaders of Muslim and Arabic Countries value U.S.A. Money more than the Blood of Gazan’s Babies and Women!


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